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Aquatic Sensory Integration: New Live, Online Workshop

29 Oct 2020 21:35 | SIE News (Administrator)

Learn the sensory analysis benefits of working in the water and how to employ both the principles of sensory integration therapy and sensory attachment therapy within a pool setting during this new live, online workshop: Aquatic Sensory Integration.

Taught by experienced occupational therapist and accredited Advanced SI Practitioner, Emma Jerman, this exciting new course for therapists is on 7 December 2020.

The live, interactive presentation will include what happens in an aquatic SI session, videos of games to play in the water and ideas for clients to try themselves.

What is aquatic sensory integration?

Aquatic SI uses the principles of sensory integration but in the environment of water. The pool offers extra sensory properties that may not be replicable on land, with the water offering 30 times more pressure than air and providing a unique full-body pressure experience that many clients find calming and organising. Moving around in the water also creates controlled vestibular stimulation and provides opportunities for working on enhanced proprioceptive and tactile feedback.

Research continues to support the concept that water is an ideal medium in which to rehabilitate the body, as well as develop oral motor and breathing control. Aquatic SI therapy focuses on therapeutic, play-based functional activities in water that can help with many areas of difficulties associated with sensory integration or processing.

What is aquatic sensory attachment therapy?

With children who have experienced trauma, have been adopted or are looked after children, Emma uses sensory attachment therapy in the pool environment. In sensory attachment therapy she employs the principles of sensory integration and attachment but encourages the parent to be the lead therapist to strengthen the parent/carer-child bond and co-regulation. It works really well because the child needs the support of the parent in the water. Being in the water helps the child to build up trust with the parent as they aid them in this fun, sensory-rich activity.

Does a child need to know how to swim to benefit from aquatic SI?

No, aquatic SI is very accessible. It can work in the shallow part of the pool and build water confidence in a safe, supportive environment.

Format of the course

This is a live, interactive, online training day presented over Zoom. Starting at 9.30 am UK time and finishing at 3.00pm UK time on Monday 7 December 2020. It comprises three x 1.5 hour sessions with a 30 minute break between each session. This exciting training day is only £45.

About your presenter

Emma Jerman is a Paediatric Occupational Therapist, trained in aquatic sensory integration. Emma is an accredited Advanced Sensory Integration Practitioner and has an MSc in Advanced OT. She has additional swimming teacher and Halliwick Aquatic Therapy Training qualifications and works with children with a range of disabilities, as well as adopted children with their new parents and carers.

This workshop is sure to sell out fast: book your place now.

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