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25 Sensory Gift Ideas

16 Nov 2020 14:12 | SIE News (Administrator)

Struggling for ideas on what to get your sensory child, teenager or family member this Christmas? Have a look at these suggestions: there’s something for everyone with sensory needs: from babies to older children, from teens to adults and older people. We’ve included links for your convenience but these products, or similar, are available for a wide variety of suppliers (we do not earn commission from these suggestions).

My First Baby Baby Ball Set

With a variety of colours and textures, this ball set can help develop hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Suitable from birth. From Amazon.

VATOS Tummy Time Baby Water Mat

This tummy time water mat offers babies the opportunity for developing proprioception, vestibular and tactile processing. Aged 3 months plus. From Amazon.

VTech Rock and Ride Unicorn Baby Ride On Toy

This unicorn toy is a suitable support for babies when making their first steps, encouraging mobility and discovery. It can be used as a rocking toy or as a ride-on and push along toy to enhance gross motor skill development and lower body strength. Aged 18 months plus. From Amazon.

MOLUK Bilibo Rocking and Spinning Toy

For children between 2 and 7 years old, this toy can be used as a seat to spin and rock in or used for imaginative role play. From Amazon.

Learning Resources Jumbo Droppers with Stand

Great for developing fine motor skills, these jumbo pipettes can be used in lots of sensory play scenarios. Aged 3 years plus. From Amazon.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Panels & Laces

Practice fine motor skills with this pet-themed threading game. Aged 3 years plus. From Amazon.

Huggaroo Puppy Weighted Lap Pad

The Huggaroo puppy is a soft, weighted lap pad that can be used to relax and soothe. Wear it around the shoulders, across the lap or use as a tray/laptop pad. Aged 3 years plus. From Amazon.

Lewo Wooden Rainbow Stacking Game

These chunky, colourful, stacking blocks will fire imagination and develop fine motor skills. Aged 3 years plus. From Amazon.

YOMERA Children's Pod Hammock Chair

Indoor swing seats can help with self-regulation. Aged 3 years plus; maximum load 80 kg. From Amazon.

Weighted Tumfort Soft Toys

These soft, weighted toys are designed to calm and comfort by providing proprioceptive input. Aged 3 years plus. From Tumfort.

Learning Resources Froggy Feeding Game

Strengthening muscles needed for the pencil grip and developing fine motor skills, this game encourages the players to squeeze the frogs to collect the fly counters. Aged 3 years plus. From Amazon.

OBEDA Fidget Toy Set

Fidget toys, such as this selection, are good for keeping hands busy and developing fine motor skills. Aged 3 years plus. From Amazon.

Spiky Stepping Stones by Southpaw

These spiky stepping stones can be used in various challenging activities to develop motor skills and balance, while also providing a tactile foot massage when stepped on.

From our Preferred Supplier Southpaw: Sensory Integration Education members can enjoy a 10% discount on this and other products by Southpaw. Simply log in to your SIE account for the discount code.

Heroes of Goo Jit Zu

This hot ticket item will be on many children’s wish list this year. The squishy, stretchy characters filled with textured beads provide interesting tactile feedback. Aged 3 years plus. From Amazon.

Sensory Body Sock from Harkla

Sensory body socks for children can help to soothe and calm and also encourage your child to explore their movements by pressing and stretching the material. Available in a range of sizes.

From our Preferred Supplier Harkla: Sensory Integration Education members can enjoy a 10% discount on this and other products by Harkla. Simply log in to your SIE account for the discount code.

Stretchy Mice and Cheese

This fun stretchy fidget toy is great for finger dexterity, motor planning, developing fine motor skills. Aged 3 years plus. From the Therapy Shoppe.

Giant Board Game

Using the floor tiles, game cards and giant dice, get moving and build a board game around your house! Aged 5 years plus. From the Social Games Store.

Gymnic Physio Roll Ball

If your sensory integration therapist recommends the use of therapy balls at home, this one is useful for people with problems with balance and coordination. Seek advice from your therapist before using. Ages 6 years and up with adult supervision. From Amazon.

SENDKEEL Push Bubble Sensory Fidget Toy

For those who enjoy the sound and sensation of popping bubble wrap, this fidget toy can be used again and again. From Amazon.

Chewellery from Chewigem

Teens and adults who find it regulating to chew items, will appreciate this discreet Chewellery range that looks like ordinary jewellery.

From our Preferred Supplier Chewigem: Sensory Integration Education members can enjoy a 10% discount on these and other products by Chewigem. Simply log in to your SIE account for the discount code.

Sensory Sac

These Sensory Sac beanbag chairs are suitable for children and adults, and offer a sense of deep pressure input. Each Sensory Sac chair is filled with a super-soft foam pellet beans and sealed in an inner liner. From SensoryEducation (not affiliated with Sensory Integration Education).

Awesome OSM Fidget

The Awesome OSM Fidget features six smooth interlocking, infinitely rotating links that are great for developing finger dexterity and exercising finger joints. Recommended for ages 4 to adults. From the Therapy Shoppe.

iBoutique ColourJets USB Dancing Fountain Speaker

The audio-visual quality of these dancing fountain speakers make them a great sensory gadget. The contained water fountains dance and light up in different colours in sync to every different beat.

The speakers connect to a PC, Mac, smartphone including iPhone, MP3 player or any other device with an 3.5mm audio output. From Amazon.

Twiddle Pup and Twiddle Cat

Often used with the older adult population, these are great sensory aids for anyone who finds comfort in tactile stimulation. From AlzProducts.

Sensory Gel Maze

Suitable for children right through to older adults, this self-contained sensory gel maze is useful for working on finger isolation, strengthening finger muscles, enhancing tactile awareness, fidgeting, and providing proprioceptive input to fingers. From the Therapy Shoppe.

Let us know if you find any other great sensory products!

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